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The monastic framework of our daily life stimulates the growth of the interior life and directs our minds to the things of God. We live a way of life that calls for a contemplative spirit. We bring a message that has been shaped in the sanctuary, the choir, and the cloister. (Constitutions of the Congregation)

Our daily schedule is filled with the complements of prayer and work, silence and students, laughter and quiet acts of community kindness. It is a balanced day devoted to furthering the kingdom of God within each of us and throughout our world.

The Dominican day gravitates around the liturgy. The supreme act of the day is the sacrifice of the Mass, the highest praise man can offer to the Holy Trinity. Providing a setting for the Mass is the Divine Office. It prepares for the Mass and draws from it, carrying its graces into the entire day. Distributed at key points in the daily schedule, the Office consecrates every part of the day to the divine service, sanctifying each passing hour with some liturgical act. (Father William A. Hinnebusch, O.P.)